5 Reasons Losing Weight is Difficult

5 Reasons Losing Weight is Difficult

Is losing weight a constant battle for you, and one that you often lose? After your mid-30s, you may find it’s even harder to lose weight. As you age, your body doesn’t cooperate as well in shedding the extra pounds — but there are ways to help you do it. 

At Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Centerboard-certified plastic surgeon Jack Hensel Jr. understands your dilemma. That’s why our practice provides a personalized weight-loss program based on your body’s needs. 

You may feel you’re trying hard to lose weight, but not much is happening. What’s the reason? 

Five reasons it’s hard to lose weight

Several factors that make it difficult to lose weight are likely in play. Following are five reasons you’re having trouble. 

Your age 

Muscle mass starts to decline after age 30. You expend more calories maintaining muscle than fat. As muscle tissue declines, fatty tissue increases. Fat doesn’t respond as well as muscle to exercise. If you maintain the same caloric intake at 45 that you did at 25, it’s easy to gain weight. 

Hormonal changes

If you’re a woman, during menopause, your estrogen levels drop dramatically. Estrogen plays a major factor in regulating your metabolism and weight. As it drops, you tend to gain weight. 

Genes and health conditions

The rate at which you burn calories depends on your individual metabolism, which is due to your genetic makeup. Your genes may have caused health conditions that make it harder to lose weight — for example, hypothyroidism, which slows your metabolism. 


Perhaps your life has changed recently and the demands of taking care of young children have sapped time you used to spend at the gym. You’re grabbing more fast foods than you used to. 

On the other hand, maybe you have a sedentary lifestyle. Perhaps you work at a desk all day. Being a couch potato makes it very difficult to lose weight. You need to build cardio workouts into your week to help shed the pounds. 

Hard-to-break habits 

Do you eat well during the day but chow down on snack food when watching TV at night? Eating at night raises your blood sugar and insulin. You won’t be burning fat that way. Try to put away all food at least three hours before bedtime. 

You need an individualized weight-loss program 

We can help you win the weight-loss battle. We perform tests to determine your body’s unique chemistry. Then we start a series of injections of liquid hCG, or human Chorionic Gonadotropin, for your weight-loss journey, along with a comprehensive diet plan. 

Scientists have found that hCG aids your body in burning fat. It helps boost metabolism so that your body burns more energy, helping the fat come off. You’ll experience fewer cravings, so it’s easier to resist sugary junk food.

Call Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center or book an appointment online today for a consultation on how we can help with your weight-loss journey. 

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