Am I a Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

You love your children unconditionally but may miss your pre-childbearing body. Your breasts may sag after nursing; they just aren’t the perky breasts you had previously. Having children has stretched your abdomen. It has creases of flab and even wrinkles. You’d like to wear a sexy swimsuit, but the abdominal fat gives you an apple shape. Perhaps you have trouble spots where fat won’t go away no matter how much you exercise. 

What is a mommy makeover?

Take heart. You can dramatically change your body’s appearance with a mommy makeover. This type of makeover involves two or more surgical procedures to give you the contours you want — not those left to you after childbearing. 

 If you’ve had one or more C-sections, the muscles in your stomach may have separated, leaving you with loose skin and stubborn belly fat. A tummy tuck can provide a miracle cure, giving you back your flat abdomen. Likewise, if nursing has flattened your breasts, breast augmentation can restore them to natural fullness. 

Dr. Jack Hensel Jr., board-certified plastic surgeon with Lowcountry Plastic Surgery, located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, specializes in mommy makeover procedures. He understands your desire to look your best. The mommy makeover is usually performed as one operation, so you’re one and done while accomplishing change in more than one area of your body. The most common procedures involved in a mommy makeover include two or more of the following: 

How do I know if I’m a candidate for a mommy makeover? 

In general, if you’re in good health, a normal weight for your body type, have realistic goals, and have completed childbearing, you’re likely a candidate

Being in good general health with no diseases is important, because you’re having not one but at least two procedures on your body at the same time. A condition like Type 2 diabetes can involve undue risk, and Dr. Hensel advises you about this. 

Being a healthy weight is important for good results from skin resection — removing excess skin from a target area. 

Be patient with yourself and your body after childbearing before proceeding with plastic surgery. Your body needs to heal properly, and this is a good time to shed excess baby weight from the pregnancy. Mommy makeovers aren’t advised until at least six months after the last pregnancy, at minimum. 

Dr. Hensel at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery will let you know whether a mommy makeover is a good idea for you. 

At the consultation

At your consultation, Dr. Hensel reviews your medical history, previous surgeries, allergies, and medications. He assesses your general health, including any pre-existing conditions and lifestyle choices involving alcohol, tobacco, and drug use. 

You need to explain your goals. What is your vision of changes in your appearance post-surgery? If Dr. Hensel determines that you’re a candidate for a mommy makeover, he  examines those areas of your body you want to improve, taking measurements and determining skin thickness and tone. He photographs the targeted areas so that you have “before” photos to compare with the “after” photos once you’ve healed from surgery. 

Dr. Hensel then discusses surgical options with you to help you achieve your goals. He shows you before and after photos of patients who have had similar operations so you can develop a realistic expectation of how your body will look after the surgery. He explains usual outcomes of the procedures as well as risks and possible complications. Dr. Hensel understands how important this decision is for you. 

Call Lowcountry Plastic Surgery today for an appointment with Jack Hensel, Jr., MD for a consultation about a mommy makeover or any other aesthetic needs.

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