Does Tattoo Removal Feel the Same as Getting a Tattoo?

Does Tattoo Removal Feel the Same as Getting a Tattoo?

You want your old tattoo removed. Your life has changed, and the tattoo is a symbol of things in the past that are no longer relevant. The tattoo may represent an old relationship; you may have a new significant other. 

Tattoo removal is a medical-grade procedure. You should have your tattoo removed by a medical professional to avoid the risk of complications that can occur if the procedure is done by an unqualified person. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Hensel Jr. with Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, can safely remove your old tattoo using PicoSure® laser technology. 

Before tattoo removal

Dr. Hensel tells you to avoid the sun for several weeks before and after your procedure. Time in the sun prior to tattoo removal can lessen the effectiveness of the laser and weaken your skin. You should wait at least a month after tattoo removal before prolonged sun exposure. 

How is a tattoo removed?

Tiny tattoos can be surgically removed. If your tattoo is a normal size, the best way to remove it is with laser technology. Dr. Hensel has selected the PicoSure laser for tattoo removal. It’s the most advanced treatment for tattoo removal on the market today. 

Dr. Hensel injects a local anesthetic at the target site. He uses the PicoSure laser hand-held device with a special tip that emits pressure wave technology, which shatters the tattoo ink. The “pico” in PicoSure means picoseconds. The laser emits lightning-fast pulses of light into your skin that are less than one billionth of a second long. 

Older lasers heat up pigment in the ink so that it breaks. The Picosure laser light energy is transformed into sound rather than heat. Pressure waves shatter the pigment without the risks of heat.

The PicoSure laser uses different wavelengths to target specific tattoo colors. It works well on darker skin as well as light skin. 

What does tattoo removal feel like? 

Patients say that having a tattoo removed feels a little like a rubber band snapping against your skin. It shouldn’t hurt as much as it did when you got the tattoo. Plus, with the local anesthetic, you shouldn’t feel much discomfort. Depending on the size and colors in your tattoo, you’ll likely need more than one session to eliminate the tattoo pigments. 

Skin care after tattoo removal 

You may experience swelling at the site. We give you written post-care instructions. You’ll apply antibacterial ointment to the area and keep it clean and bandaged. 

Call Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center or book an appointment through our online portal today if it’s time to make a fresh start and remove your old tattoo. 

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