Eyelid Lift Surgery: What to Expect

Eyelid Lift Surgery: What to Expect

Aging causes changes to your skin — including your eyelids. Do your upper eyelids now have a heavy fold of skin just above your eyelashes? The skin folds there change your appearance so that you may look sleepy all the time. Your upper eyelids may droop so much that they affect your vision. 

Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, can help you restore the beauty of your eyes with a procedure called a blepharoplasty. Board-certified plastic surgeon Jack Hensel Jr. has helped many patients correct sagging eyelids so that the natural beauty of their eyes is revitalized.  

If you have other issues with skin around your eyelids, Dr. Hensel can correct them at the same time. In addition to correcting drooping eyelids, he can treat the following issues during your blepharosplasty:  

It’s also easy for Dr. Hensel to perform a brow lift or remove crow’s feet at the same time. You can accomplish several goals to rejuvenate your facial appearance at once. Dr. Hensel shows you before and after photos of blepharoplasty surgery so that you can see real results. 

How do I prepare for a blepharoplasty? 

Dr. Hensel provides preparation instructions. You discontinue use of aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories prior to the procedure to avoid excess bleeding. You may need to stop other medications as well. If you smoke, you need to stop at least two weeks prior to the procedure; smoking retards healing. 

What happens during a blepharoplasty? 

You’ll receive IV sedation or general anesthesia depending on your health and your preferences. Dr. Hensel makes an incision in the crease on your upper eyelid and then removes excess fatty skin and weak muscle so that the remaining muscle is tightened. If the area around your lower lid is done, Dr. Hensel makes an incision just under your lower lid line and removes excess skin. He closes the incisions with sutures.  

Recovery after a blepharoplasty 

Dr. Hensel provides written instructions for recovery. You’ll need to rest and sleep with your head elevated for several days. You’ll also apply an ointment to help lubricate your eyelids to ease opening and closing them.

You’ll have an appointment with Dr. Hensel five or six days after your procedure to remove the sutures. You’ll experience some swelling and bruising the first week, which is normal; cold compresses help calm these side effects. 

You’ll love your “new” look that helps restore the original beauty of your eyes. Call Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center or book an appointment online today for a consultation on eyelid surgery.

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