Get Summer-Ready with Personalized Weight Coaching

Have you tried on your swimsuit yet? If you see unwanted bulges and are motivated to lose weight, Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center, located in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, provides a comprehensive weight-loss program. Our team, headed by board-certified physician Jack Hensel Jr., MD, with weight-loss consultant Destiny Bendell, charts a path for safe weight loss by the time summer rolls around.  

Over two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. You likely already know the health risks: heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, sleep apnea, pregnancy problems. You can chart a path to better health and a contoured, svelte body by summer. 

We understand how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off. Our program is a multiplatform, multifaceted approach that uses medications, supplements, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle discussion, and most important, personalized weight-loss coaching to help you achieve your goals in a relatively short period of time. 

Personalized coaching increases weight-loss program effectiveness 

We use personalized coaching as a key feature of our weight-loss program because it works. 

Research on weight loss provides strong evidence that personalized coaching is an effective element of a weight-loss program. Studies have examined the success of various methods of interacting with weight-loss patients. Investigations show that personalized coaching increases participant engagement in the weight-loss process and makes a program more effective in helping participants achieve their goals. 

Our weight-loss consultant, Destiny Bendell, is an important accountability partner as well as educator during your weight-loss program. She supports you and encourages you while teaching you healthier ways of eating and helping you to take charge of your weight loss. 

Both men and women benefit from personal coaching, with females benefiting more. Studies on personalized coaching reveal that those who keep their personalized coaching appointments lose more weight than those who miss a significant number of appointments. 

Coaching feedback on self-monitoring 

When a coach helps with individual self-monitoring, participants maintain weight loss and prevent binging. It’s proved to provide you with more help than generic emails containing health tips. 

We support you through doing your daily self weigh-ins, completing your food logs, and noting your daily steps and the exercise you do during the week. Keeping up with these self-monitoring procedures is a strong predictor of weight loss during the program, and our personalized coaching feedback helps keep you on track. 

As you near the end of your formal weight-loss program and achieve your goals, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of our body-contouring options to reduce trouble spots where stubborn fat remains. 

Call Lowcountry Plastic Surgery or request a virtual appointment through our online portal to start on your successful weight-loss journey.

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