How a Mommy Makeover Can Change Your Life

How a Mommy Makeover Can Change Your Life

You love your kids, but you’re not sure you love what they did to your body. Pregnancy and breastfeeding leave you with loose skin, stretch marks, and sagging breasts. These are issues that not even a healthy diet and regular exercise can fix.

Enter Low Country Plastic Surgery Center’s mommy makeover – a combination of treatments that transform your body into what it was before having your bundles of joy. Following the procedures, your body looks like your own again, so you feel sexy and desirable.

A mommy makeover boosts your self-esteem, which truly can change your outlook on life. You’ll enjoy greater confidence, love your body more, and may even feel better about getting out and making social connections.

Mommy Makeover Qualifications

If you’re unhappy with the changes your body underwent during pregnancy, a mommy makeover is for you.

Some women go through pregnancy and breastfeeding with minimal permanent physical changes, while other women are adversely affected.

You may experience significant body issues, such as sagging breasts and excess skin, after one pregnancy; for other women, serious changes might occur as a cumulative effect of three or four pregnancies.

Making A Mommy Makeover

Not every woman experiences pregnancy and breastfeeding in the same way, so a mommy makeover is customized to your specific needs.

For most, women, however, a mommy makeover involves a tummy tuck and a breast lift or augmentation. You may also choose liposuction, including the SmartLipo® laser option, a lower body lift, and skin tightening procedures. You can even include treatments to reduce the appearance of unsightly stretch marks.

Some women also choose procedures to address vaginal laxity or excess labial skin. Rejuvenating your most intimate parts can improve your sex life and sense of pleasure – and if that doesn’t change your life, what will?

Time It Right

While you might be eager for the effects of a mommy makeover, it’s a good idea to be relatively certain you’re done creating your family before undergoing the procedure. You can have a repeat of specific treatments, but you’ll always get the best results the first time.

Recovery from some of the procedures of a mommy makeover, specifically, the tummy tuck, can be intense and take two to three weeks. You’ll need to take this time off work and pass any significant parenting duties on to Dad or Grandma – or another suitable caretaker – during recovery.

Change Your Life

You can expect excellent results if you gained quite a bit of weight during pregnancy, but lost it with diet and exercise and are now left with loose skin or areas of fatty deposits.

If you're still holding on to baby weight or gained weight after having your children, your results will be less impressive. A mommy makeover isn't a replacement for a healthy diet and a commitment to regular physical activity.

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