How Body Contouring Can Help Get You the Body You Want

Life is full of hurdles that prevent us from achieving our ideal body shape — from childbirth to genetics. Luckily, there are more options than ever that successfully recontour your trouble spots, giving you a body you’ll be proud to show off.

Here at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center, under the expert leadership of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Hensel, Jr., we help our patients in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, close the gap to their ideal body shape. Using a number of innovative body-contouring procedures, as well as some proven standbys, our goal is to help you shape the body of your dreams.

To get you on the road to the body you want, read on to explore some of our more popular body-contouring procedures.

Leave no trace

If you’ve dieted and exercised your way to within shooting distance of your ideal body shape, but you’re left with stubborn pockets of fat that resist even your most ardent efforts, it can be terribly frustrating. To close the distance, we offer two different noninvasive fat reduction procedures: CoolSculpting® and SculpSure®. Both rely on a special technology to either freeze (in the case of CoolSculpting) or heat up (in the case of SculpSure) your fat cells, effectively destroying them.

Both treatments are painless and reduce the number of fat cells in your treatment areas, without resorting to surgery. The laser energy of SculpSure and the controlled cooling of CoolSculpting travel into your fat cells beneath your skin without harming the surface area, which means there’s no downtime. Both CoolSculpting and SculpSure are also safe enough to use almost anywhere on your body, including your abdomen, thighs, hips, back, upper arms, and even under your chin.

Ultimately, both of these procedures are highly effective at putting the finishing touches on your weight-loss program.

An intelligent solution

The next step up in our body-contouring offerings is SmartLipo®, which is a significant improvement upon traditional liposuction procedures. By combining laser technology with liposuction, we’re able to loosen up and melt your fat before using the liposuction, making the process far less invasive as we gently suction out your excess fat.

We use only the smallest incisions for SmartLipo, and your recovery time is reduced because we don’t need to pry your fat loose, letting the laser do the work ahead of time. SmartLipo is effective most anywhere your body has pockets of stubborn fat, including your love handles, belly, upper arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Nip and tuck

If you’ve recently lost considerable weight, whether through childbirth or a successful weight-loss program, such as bariatric surgery, you may be left with excess skin that mars your final results. To bring your body in line with your new shape, we can surgically remove the excess skin, as well as any leftover fat deposits, creating a firmer exterior that puts the exclamation point on your weight loss.

We use this technique most often around your abdomen (the tummy tuck), but we can also remove excess skin around your thighs or upper arms, giving your body more tone.

For women only

If childbirth or genetics have left you with drooping labia, we offer a very simple procedure called a labiaplasty. During this outpatient procedure, we remove the excess tissue, tightening your external genitalia to get rid of uncomfortable twisting or embarrassing problems with your bathing suit.

If you have an issue with your body shape, odds are that we have a solution. Please give us a call or use the online scheduling tool to set up a consultation to learn more about our many body-contouring procedures.

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