Is Labiaplasty Safe?

Is Labiaplasty Safe?

Modern plastic surgery offers relief from body differences that embarrass or upset you. Some women develop enlarged labia around the vagina. The labia is the protective skin in that area. The thick folds of skin on the outside are the labia majora; the inside folds are the labia minora. Enlarged labia can occur on one or both sides of your vagina. Sometimes the enlarged labia minora hang down below the labia majora

When your labia are enlarged, they may become unsightly, loose folds of skin. You may experience pain from intercourse when the folds of skin cause excess friction. Likewise, activities like bike riding or horseback riding could also cause irritation and pain. You may be embarrassed to put on a swimsuit because of the strange-looking bulge around your vagina. Board-certified Dr. Jack Hensel, Jr. with Lowcountry Plastic Surgery in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, offers labiaplasty, a minor surgical procedure, to return your labia to an appropriate size. 

Why do I have enlarged labia?

You may have enlarged labia for a number of reasons. Genetics may be the culprit; it could be a congenital condition. Aging may cause the labia to hang in loose folds of skin. Hormonal changes may trigger a change in the labia during puberty or after giving birth. Repeated friction from cycling may cause the labia in some women to become larger than normal.

Office consultation for labiaplasty

Dr. Hensel treats patients with kindness and compassion. He understands the physical and psychological effects of enlarged labia. He asks you what you want your labia to look like. He examines your vaginal area and makes a recommendation on how he would perform your labiaplasty. The type of surgery depends on the degree of severity of excess skin. 

Labiaplasty procedure

Labiaplasty is a simple operation. It can relieve you of painful physical symptoms and improve the appearance of your vaginal area. Dr. Hensel removes excess tissue and ensures a normal contour of your labia. If your labia weren’t symmetrical, Dr. Hensel smooths out the difference between the sides. The operation takes between 30 and 45 minutes. It’s a safe procedure with a very low complication rate. 

Recovery from labiaplasty

You’ll have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Hensel about a week after the procedure. Your sutures dissolve on their own. In a few days you can return to your normal schedule. Dr. Hensel lets you know when you can engage in sexual intercourse. 

Patient satisfaction

Studies report a 95 to 100 percent satisfaction rate with labiaplasty. After all, it’s something that you wanted to do. A part of your body that you felt was outside of the norm is now within the norm. That’s a wonderful feeling of relief and comfort. Research shows most women have increased sexual confidence and like the way their bodies look after labiaplasty. 

Call Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center or book an appointment online today for all of your aesthetic needs. We’re here to help you live your best life. 

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