Men Get Botox, Too

Having Botox® injections or other similar aesthetic treatments is no longer considered something to hide. Botox is rapidly becoming part of the arsenal of anti-aging treatments Americans are using to keep themselves looking youthful. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that Botox remains the No. 1 non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the U.S., with over 7 million injections in 2018. Almost 20 percent of patients who get Botox injections in America are men, and the number is increasing year by year.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Jack Hensel, Jr., MD, with Lowcountry Plastic Surgery in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, treats many patients with Botox on a regular basis. 

What is Botox?

Botox is made from a bacterium. In its toxic form, it produces botulism. However, when used in tiny doses, it has a number of therapeutic purposes. Before it was approved for cosmetic use, Botox was approved to help alleviate a number of nerve and muscle conditions, including crossed eyes and bladder disorders. 

What Botox can do for you

Botox can improve your facial appearance by reducing the appearance of wrinkles in three areas. If you see crow’s feet — those lines on either side of your eyes — start to deepen, Botox can smooth them out. Botox also improves horizontal forehead lines as well as furrows that can develop between your eyebrows. 

Botox acts by temporarily shutting down the muscles that contract repeatedly to form those telltale lines on your face. Dr. Hensel administers it through small injections near the site of your wrinkles. It’s safe and effective. Botox has been the subject of thousands of peer-reviewed studies and is approved for use in 97 countries.  

Why are men turning to Botox?

America is a youth-focused culture. Studies show that whether it’s fair or not, you’re judged on your appearance. Because pensions are largely a thing of the past, you may change jobs multiple times during your career. Remaining competitive in the job market is important for a positive career trajectory. 

About half of American adults experience divorce. Getting back into the dating game can prompt you to want to look your best. If you look older than your chronological age, you may experience a loss of self-confidence. Regaining a more youthful appearance can boost self-esteem. 

Millennial and Gen Z men and women are beginning to use Botox as a wrinkle-preventative procedure, getting “baby Botox” — very tiny doses on a regular maintenance schedule. They’ve grown up in a visually-centered social media culture and use it to identify health trends. 

Botox is convenient

Getting Botox is simple and uncomplicated. It fits into your busy schedule easily. The procedure only takes about 10 minutes. When you receive “baby Botox” micro-injections, you can return to work right after your appointment. There’s no anesthesia and no downtime to worry about. 

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