Plastic Surgery and COVID-19: What You Should Know

Have you been looking forward to a plastic surgery consultation? Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, is open for business. Dr. Jack Hensel Jr., board-certified plastic surgeon currently serving on the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners, operates the practice. 

We’ve instituted new protocols and procedures for appointments to deal with the COVID-19 virus; your health and safety are our first priority. Currently, we’re providing virtual initial consultations for your comfort. 

Our practice is following the guidelines developed by the Centers for Disease Control for elective surgery during COVID-19 and by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for performing elective cosmetic surgery during this time. You can rest assured that you’re entering a safe, clean facility. 

Protocol for your protection during COVID-19 

Following is a summary of the steps we have taken to ensure your health while in our office. 

A paperless appointment 

Prior to your appointment, you may download and complete our patient forms and return them to us via fax or email. Your History Intake form provides us with a review of your medical history. The Patient Registration form gives us all of the necessary information about your health insurance and your emergency contact. The Appointment form describes our policy regarding missed appointments and other details.  

Virtual initial consultation

We have arranged for virtual initial consultations for your convenience and comfort. Having your medical history already provides Dr. Hensel with a significant amount of information about your health. 

Dr. Hensel asks you why you’re interested in plastic surgery and the type of surgery you’d like to know about. He asks what you’re dissatisfied with regarding your appearance. Do you wish your breasts were bigger? Is the crook in your nose detracting from your self-confidence? 

Modern technology can provide a preview of coming attractions, so to speak. Dr. Hensel can use 3D imaging to show how a nose appears before surgery as opposed to how it may appear after surgery. It’s not a guarantee, but it helps Dr. Hensel communicate what the surgery can do for you. Once you can see an approximation of how you’re going to look post-surgery, you’ll likely feel much more at ease. 

Dr. Hensel tells you at the consultation whether you’re a good candidate for the type of surgery required to attain the change you want. From before and after photos of other patients and from 3D imaging, you can see the benefits of the surgery. Dr. Hensel also reviews surgical risks with you. If you have good general health and a healthy lifestyle, most procedures are low-risk. 

Pre-screening before your appointment 

Prior to your appointment, staff at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery ask you a short series of questions over the phone about your current health in light of the coronavirus. When you have an office visit, our staff takes your temperature at the door and asks you to complete a short form about your health in relation to COVID-19. 

Social distancing 

We have developed office flow plans that ensure social distancing when you visit the office. Our appointments are staggered so you aren’t likely to see anyone else in the waiting room, and if you have a wait there, it will be short. 

Because Dr. Hensel is the sole board-certified plastic surgeon at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center, our entire focus is on your appointment with him. You won’t run into multiple patients in the hallway coming out of other doctors’ offices. 

Protective equipment

Dr. Hensel and the staff wear medical-grade masks and gloves at all times while you’re being examined and treated. Safety comes first. 

Call Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center or book an appointment through our online portal for a private, professional consultation about all of your aesthetic needs.

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