Which Tattoos Are Easiest to Remove?

The tattoo you got years ago doesn’t represent who you are now. Perhaps you had the name of your first love inked on your arm, and she’s long gone. Your new partner doesn’t really appreciate being reminded of your old love, and neither do you. 

Board-certified Dr. Jack Hensel Jr. with Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center uses the most advanced technology available today to remove your tattoo: the PicoSure® laser system. It’s considered the gold standard in tattoo removal today. Older laser systems relied on heat to disintegrate the skin cells with the ink pigment; PicoSure’s laser not only heats the pigment but fractures the inks into tiny particles akin to dust with its pulsing laser technology

You’re investigating tattoo removal. Will your tattoo be easy to remove? Following are fast facts about tattoo removal. 

Will my tattoo be easy to remove? 

One of the first questions you may have is whether your tattoo will be easy to remove and whether it can be completely eliminated. Numerous factors determine ease of tattoo removal.


If your tattoo is either black, dark blue or dark green, it’s going to be easy to remove. Dark ink pigments absorb laser energy more easily than light colors. If you used to love the multicolor look and have flowers or other symbols that are full of colors, including yellow, red, orange, purple, and turquoise, you may need more treatment sessions for the best effect. These colors are harder to remove, but our advanced PicoSure laser system gets the job done


When you were younger, perhaps you got a blacklight tattoo. You used to love the effect in nightclubs when it showed up under that special light in a mix of bright colors — anywhere from white to purple, depending on what you chose. These tattoos are made with fluorescent dyes. They’re more stubborn because they can only absorb a fraction of the laser’s energy when applied, but the advanced technology we use gives you great results.  

Age of tattoo

The older your tattoo is, the easier it is to remove. Your skin constantly sheds old skin cells and makes new ones. Some of the ink is eliminated naturally with your skin cells over the years. 

Placement of tattoo on the body

Tattoos located on the back, face, and neck are the easiest to treat. The closer the tattoo is to your heart, where you have good circulation and a high number of lymph nodes, the easier it is to remove. Tattoos on the lower parts of the leg are generally harder to remove and take more treatment sessions. 

Skin color

Laser treatments are very effective on fair or medium skin tones. Light skin doesn’t easily absorb the laser light so the laser energy is tightly focused on the pigment in your tattoo. If your skin is a darker tone, don’t worry; the PicoSure system ensures great results for dark as well as lighter skin tones.  

Amateur or professional 

If your tattoo was done by an amateur instead of a professional, it is likely to be easier to remove, as professionals may use more ink and penetrate the skin more deeply

Call Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center or book an appointment online today for expert, professional tattoo removal. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you see clear skin.

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