Why Botox Remains the Most Popular Aesthetic Medical Procedure

In 2016, about 7 million people got Botox® injections, according to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, making it the leading cosmetic procedure that year. At Low Country Plastic Surgery, we’ve found that there are several reasons that Botox injections remain a popular option for people who want to improve their appearance but don’t want to undergo a full surgical procedure.

Botox Is Well-Known

Botulinum toxin type A is the active ingredient in the name brand Botox Cosmetic. It is a neurotoxin; it affects the nerve impulses that control the muscles that cause your wrinkles.

Botox injections for treating wrinkles were first approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2002. It is safe for both short- and long-term use.

The Effects of the Botox Injections Last Several Months

It may take as much as a week for you to see the full results from Botox injections because it requires a short incubation period, usually three to seven days, before it begins working. But once it does, you’re able to see that your wrinkles or fine lines have smoothed.

After Botox is injected, it continues to work for about four months. Then it’s broken down and excreted by your kidneys through your body’s natural processes. The length of time varies a bit, depending on the size of the muscle affected — the smaller the muscle, the longer the Botox lasts.

Botox Has Few Side Effects

The most common side effect is bruising at the injection site, and there is some indication that the more skilled your practitioner, the less likely you are to bruise. But experts don’t really know why some people bruise and others don’t.

It’s possible that you could experience redness or slight swelling as well, but those side effects are much rarer. We thoroughly explain the possible risks with you and address any concerns you may have during your consultation at Low Country Plastic Surgery. The bottom line is that Botox has been used for a long time and is considered a safe treatment option for wrinkles and fine lines.

Botox Injections Don’t Take Long

When you have the procedure, you can expect a topical anesthetic to numb the area. Some people choose to skip this step because the needles used to administer Botox are very fine and the injection is just under the surface of the skin. You may feel a slight pinching sensation during the injection, and that’s it — you’re finished.

The treatment itself is quick, and you don’t need any time to recover, so you can get on with your day. You shouldn’t rub or scratch the treatment area. You must keep your head upright, and you shouldn’t do any strenuous activity or exercise right away. Otherwise, you can proceed with your normal activities.

If you have questions about Botox, schedule a consultation with Jack Hansel Jr., MD. He’s happy to explain the details in person and make recommendations specific to you, your goals, and your individual situation. Although Botox is common and safe, it’s important to talk to a trained medical professional like Dr. Hansel before getting injections.

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