Why More and More Men Are Opting for Botox

Whether or not you like the term “Brotox,” it represents a new trend. More men are opting for Botox® injections than ever before. 

Dr. Jack Hensel Jr. at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center treats many men, offering injectables among other services. If you’re curious about the safety or effectiveness of cosmetic procedures for men, Dr. Hensel is happy to answer your questions. 

Why consider Botox? 

You may have heard that men with wrinkles and gray hair look distinguished, but the truth is, if you don’t like what you’re seeing in the mirror, your confidence suffers. Do you like the lines on your forehead? What about the crinkles at the corners of your eyes? 

If you don’t like those new features, you can do something about them. The reason that more men are considering Botox is the same reason more women are considering Botox: It works. 

Botox erases those fine lines, giving you a smoother, more youthful appearance. Do you regularly use pictures from four or five years ago in your social media posts? Get Botox and you won’t need to dig through your photo archives; a selfie from right now will work just as well. 

What to expect

One of the best things about Botox, aside from helping you look younger, of course, is that it doesn’t require any downtime. It’s a simple procedure. 

Dr. Hensel targets the muscles that contract and cause your wrinkles, and carefully injects botulinum toxin, better known as Botox, into the area. The Botox interrupts the signals from your nerves that cause the muscles to contract. 

You may have some redness and numbness immediately after the injection, but it fades quickly. You will most likely notice the results within a few days, and the effect lasts about three to six months, depending on several factors. 

Effective and safe

Botox has been in use for more than 20 years and is known to be effective and safe. It’s been growing in popularity across the board for years. Among men, specifically, there’s been an increase of more than 25% since 2010. 

Along with the rise in people seeking Botox injections, we’re seeing them beginning at a younger age. Wrinkles that only appear when you make certain facial expressions are called dynamic wrinkles. 

Eventually, though, they become etched into your skin and are visible even when you’re not making an expression. Those are called static wrinkles. Botox can prevent the formation of static wrinkles. 

Regardless of the reason you want to look younger, the good news is that it’s possible. Dr. Hensel may recommend a combination of injectables to help you achieve the look you want. 

If you’d like to learn more about Botox and find out if it may be an option for you, book an appointment at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center today. We’re happy to answer your questions, and Dr. Hensel can provide much more in-depth information, tailored for you and your specific goals, during a consultation. Get your appointment scheduled by calling or booking online.

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