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Anyone who’s tried to lose weight on their own knows how difficult it can be to wade through the endless options for diet and exercise plans while trying to stay motivated. Dr. Jack Hensel, Jr. and the team, including weight loss consultant Destiny Bendell, at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina are here to partner with you in your weight loss efforts. Call or click today to make an appointment with your very own weight loss consultant.

Weight Loss Q &A

What’s the secret behind successful weight loss?

On the surface, there’s no secret. If you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll lose weight. Though the calorie equation is straightforward, there are challenges that often make achieving that goal difficult. Our bodies are programmed for survival, from another time when famine and feast was a common cycle.

Therefore, taking calories from food is simply easier for your body than taking calories from stores of fat. You may know you’re getting groceries on Friday, but your body doesn’t. Therefore, your body chooses to pack away those surplus calories you eat on Wednesday, just in case it’s your last meal this month.

It’s natural to feel tired, run down, and irritable when you’re consuming fewer calories than you’re burning. Your body thinks you’re unable to find food if you must rely on body fat. It takes willpower to overcome this powerful instinct. In a medically supervised weight loss program with Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center, you get the personalized support you need, insights into your body chemistry, and a customized weight loss plan featuring human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) therapy.


What is hCG therapy?

Since your body reacts to a low calorie diet by taking energy from fat storage, it also naturally slows your metabolism to help you survive what it sees as a period of famine. This produces feelings of nervousness, irritability, and confused thinking. What your body needs is a signal that this fasting is okay.

Hormones are the messaging systems your body uses to send updates and service requests. Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced during pregnancy that tells your body that there are going to be some changes and everything is fine. While that oversimplifies the process, it’s the aspect of hCG therapy that benefits many when it comes to weight loss. It tells the body that the low-calorie diet is nothing to worry about and, in essence, resets your metabolism to counter the challenges of tackling weight loss.

Can I combine other aesthetic work with weight loss?

Yes. In fact, that’s the ideal way to arrive at your ideal body, whether you’ve undergone major weight loss or simply have stored fat that resists diet and exercise. Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center offers everything from liposuction to non-invasive body contouring.


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