Injectable Fillers


What are Injectable Fillers?

Collagen is a natural part of our skin’s support structure. However, as we age, collagen begins to thin and the effects of aging, such as wrinkles and skin laxity, begin to show on the face. Injectable fillers are used to replenish the skin’s collagen layer, causing the wrinkles and lines to smooth out immediately.* Patients may also consider injectable fillers to add fullness to the lips and cheeks. At H/K/B, we also offer BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments designed to temporarily reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Why Injectable Fillers are the Right Treatment

When you are young, your skin expresses the freshness and energy of life. As you age, your personality (through your facial expressions) and lifestyle (through sun exposure, alcohol and cigarette consumption, diet, exercise etc.), leaves an imprint on your aging skin. Loss of collagen is the key factor in the visible signs of aging, as the skin becomes looser and less firm.

Typically, from the age of thirty, a once clear, well defined face begins the aging process as the cheeks droop, nasolabial folds become prominent and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes emerge. If no preventative action is taken, as the forties are reached, a sculptured jaw line can become a saggy jowl line, or a double chin can appear, and wrinkles become ingrained. 

In treating aging skin it is important to stimulate skin repair by:

  • Encouraging collagen production
  • Increasing skin’s moisture content
  • Improving the skin’s ability to protect itself
  • Encouraging new skin cell growth

Create your anti-aging treatment plan today, as it’s never too soon to pay the right attention to your skin. An effective starting point is the triniti™ skin series offering total facial renewal in just 3 treatments!*


Juvéderm® Ultra and Juvéderm® Ultra Plus

There are two specific types of Juvéderm dermal fillers. Juvéderm Ultra Plus is a higher linked concentration for areas that need more correction and volume such as in deeper folds and severe wrinkles. Juvéderm Ultra is specifically made for more delicate areas such as the lip augmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and folds.

What is JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC injectable gel?

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC injectable gel is the first and only filler FDA-approved to instantly add volume to the cheek area. It gives you a subtle lift, helping to restore contour and for a more youthful profile, for up to 2 years, in patients over the age of 21*. It's different than JUVÉDERM® XC and works on a different area of the face. JUVÉDERM® XC smoothes out moderate to severe wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth, like parentheses. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC, however, adds volume to the cheek area.


Produced by BioForm Medical, Radiesse® is a long-lasting cosmetic filler that provides dramatic results for improving the appearance of facial lines, wrinkles and folds.* This is a non-surgical solution to soften facial lines and wrinkles, restore volume and fullness to the skin, plump up lips, and fill in scars. 

The duration of the injections vary from patient to patient and from filler to filler, ranging from three to nine months.


Restylane® is a clear gel, specifically formulated to act like your body's own naturally produced hyaluronic acid, helping to visibly reduce moderate to severe facial wrinklesand add fullness to your lips.* Restylane® works immediately and eventually breaks down naturally.

Which Injectable Filler is Right for Me?

A personal consultation with one of our nurses will determine which filler is best suited to meet your individual goals. The cost of your treatment is based on the filler type required as well as the amount of filler needed.

If you’d like to learn more about various injectable fillers, contact our Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina plastic surgery office.

H/K/B Dermal Filler Policy

Thank You for choosing H/K/B for your Dermal Filler needs. We appreciate your confidence. We will do our best to accomplish your cosmetic needs and accommodate your busy schedule.

Our dermal fillers are priced per syringe. This price includes your first treatment plus one additional treatment if any filler remains following the initial injection. There will be a $65 charge for additional injections with any remaining filler. This policy becomes effective January 1, 2011.

Our patients are very important to us. We thank you for your business.

*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary*

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