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Enlarged or elongated labia aren’t simply a cosmetic concern. For some women, it can be an uncomfortable issue, particularly if you’re active. H/K/B in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina provide a simple procedure called labiaplasty to address this aspect of vaginal rejuvenation, whether you were born with the condition or things have changed over the years. Call or click today to schedule your confidential consultation.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Q & A

What problems can enlarged labia create?

When it comes to genitalia, every woman is different – yet jeans, yoga pants, bathing suits, and everything other garment are pretty much the same shape. So, when you’re faced with temporary or permanent enlargement of your labia – called labial hypertrophy – it’s sometimes a matter of too much skin and not enough room.

That, by itself, can cause pinching, chafing, and other uncomfortable feelings, not to mention limiting wardrobe options. However, it doesn’t end there. You may be more susceptible to yeast infections, and that discomfort may turn into chronic low-level pain. You may feel frequent itching or burning sensations. Coupled with these physical sensations, you may also feel self-conscious about your appearance.

What causes enlarged labia?

Labial hypertrophy has many causes, from temporary swelling to a permanent, natural condition. Some irritations or incidents of swelling may be allergic reactions, such as to latex in condoms, bacterial, or yeast infections. In these cases, there’s no long-term need for vaginal rejuvenation, if you’re pleased with your labia size when healthy.

Pregnancy and childbirth can create changes to your labia that may be temporary or permanent, and simply aging changes the nature of labial tissue. Genetics also play a key role in both the size of your labia and the way the tissue changes over time.

How is labial hypertrophy treated?

Swelling related to irritations and reactions is simply a matter of avoiding latex, harsh soaps, or treating infections. Permanent enlargement of the labia requires a surgical procedure called a labiaplasty. The procedure is done at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery under either local or general anesthesia in under an hour. For a surgical procedure, there’s little bleeding or swelling, post-operative pain is minimal, and it is easily treated with oral pain medications.

The goals of your labiaplasty depend largely on their current condition, as well as your desired result. Typically, the procedure aims to reduce the length of the labia minora so that these don’t hang beyond the labia majora. This prevents the twisting and tugging that typically causes the discomfort and complications associated with enlarged labia.

The labiaplasty procedure usually involves absorbable sutures, which disappear spontaneously in about two weeks. You’ll typically need a few days to recover before resuming daily life, and a few weeks before resuming sex.


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