NeoGraft Hair Transplant


NeoGraft is a new technology that restores hair volume without any scalpel, incisions or stitches

  • No linear scar like the strip method
  • No General Anesthesia
  • Little to No Discomfort

Hair Restoration & Results

  • Results are IMMEDIATE! You will leave being able to see the grafts in place
  • Hair grows in cycles, the hair implanted will shed for 2-4 weeks and then will be replaced by new fully functioning hair
  • Results will get continue to get better each week with full results at 9-12 months post procedure
  • Higher graft take rate (greater than 90%) than strip method as there is less hair irritation and trauma to the scalp
  • NeoGraft is ideal for all hair types & colors with natural looking results
  • The procedure can take 4-8 hours depending on number of grafts
  • You are awake during the procedure with oral medication to make you relaxed & comfortable

NeoGraft Recovery

  • You can go back to work the next day if you choose and resume normal activity within 48 hours excluding strenuous exercise
  • You will wear a bandage (like an ace-wrap) with a small amount of swelling for up to 48 hours
  • Some pin point redness & some pin point scabbing for 1 week
  • You may wear a hat after 48 Hours as long as it sits 2 inches from the treated area. Ex. Baseball cap

Hair Transplant Facts

  • NeoGraft is an automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • NeoGraft is the ONLY FDA Class 1 Medical device for hair restoration

Hair Restoration Pricing

NeoGraft is priced by the number of follicles removed. Priced per graft versus how many hairs are implanted. An existing hair follicle can have up to 4 hairs in it. You are charged for 1 follicle, not 4 hairs. The number of grafts needed is individual to each person with a range of 500-3,000 with the average being 2,000. The higher number of follicles we implant the less likely you are to need a “touch up” in the future. Overtime all hair does thin but we aim to make sure you are aging gracefully and naturally.

Financing Options

CareCredit | 1-800-677-0718 or visit

Alpheon | 1-855-497-8176 or visit

Virtual Finance | 1-800-421-9598 or visit

Med Loan | 1-800-788-0711 X510 or visit

There are several other financing companies we use.

NeoGraft Treatment Testimonials

"It has now been about 6 months since I had a hair transplant with the NeoGraft

technology. 1340 grafts were transplanted from the back of my scalp to the crown and hairline at the sides in the front. I have never received so many comments from friends and family about this result. I am amazed how many people notice. The most common remark is how young I look and how I am combing my hair differently. I tell them that I had a hair transplant and they are amazed. I am told that only 50% of my transplanted hair has started growing at 6 months and at one year 95% of them will have left the “dormant” stage. The thickest hair will be at about 1 1/2 year, but most think you have a full head of hair at one year because the eyes will not pick up the difference. Thank you NeoGraft. I am very pleased."


"I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my new look after having a hair transplant. Although it’s only been a few months, I can see the hair growth and thickness where I had no hair. I haven’t involved myself in swimming or water skiing for years because of the way I looked. I can see light at the end of the tunnel regarding my sports and I couldn’t be happier. The procedure was essentially painless and there was no need to take time off from work. Thank you."

Mark I.

"As a woman with thinning hair I searched for years for a solution. I tried everything and

had every test done to see what the problem was. There were no clear answers for me. I

decided on NeoGraft because it was a minimally invasive procedure. Best decision I ever


Julia M.

*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary*

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