When to Call the Doctor for Vaginal Rejuvenation

When to Call the Doctor for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Have you noticed a change in the skin around your vagina? Perhaps you feel chafing or a burning sensation in the area if you put on yoga pants or skinny jeans. Your entire vaginal area may appear swollen. You may be getting more than your share of yeast infections. What’s going on? 

You likely have enlarged labia. Your labia are the folds of skin that protect your vagina. Labia majora are the larger folds of skin you can easily see. Labia minora are the thinner folds of skin tucked inside of the labia majora. 

You may be concerned about how you’ll feel in a bathing suit this summer. Is this going to be a problem for the rest of your life? The answer is no. You don’t need to discard your form-fitting pants and wear granny pants in the future to avoid discomfort.

At Lowcountry Plastic Surgery in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, we can correct enlarged labia with labiaplasty, a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. Afterward, you’ll no longer have swollen and unsightly folds of skin hanging in and beneath your vaginal area. 

Labia can lose elasticity

When you’re young, your skin is very elastic, which keeps it in place; it doesn’t sag or droop. As you age, your body loses some of the collagen and elastin that keep your skin firm and in shape. Older people usually have looser skin on the upper arms, for example.

For a variety of reasons, the soft tissue of your labia majora may no longer be firmly rounded like it used to be. Your labia minora may be sagging down and showing below the labia majora. Your skin no longer has the normal amount of elasticity there to keep it rounded and in place. 

Why have your labia changed shape? 

Pregnancy and giving birth can sometimes cause changes in the tissue of the labia. Just as your abdomen may be a bit shaky after your pregnancy because your skin was stretched tight, the skin on your labia may have stretched out also. 

Aging and genetics are other possible culprits. Even competitive cycling or horseback riding might cause changes in vaginal tissue over time. Whatever the reason, you’d like to restore your vaginal area to its normal shape. 


Dr. Jack Hensel Jr. can perform labiaplasty to return your labia to a normal size and shape. If your labia minora are drooping below your vaginal area, they’re going to be tucked back where they belong. The sutures Dr. Hensel uses are absorbed by your body, so there are no stitches to remove. Labiaplasty eliminates your vaginal discomfort.

Call Lowcountry Plastic Surgery or book an appointment through our online portal today for all of your aesthetic needs. 

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