How Our Customized Weight Loss Program Can Get You Ready for Swimsuit Season

Here at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center, our team of wellness experts, headed by Dr. Jack Hensel Jr., is ready to help you trim, tone, and beautify your skin.

How our customized weight loss program can help you

Our customized approach to weight loss goes beyond shedding a few pounds. As weight loss specialists, we help you determine your personal goals and offer safe, reliable ways to achieve them.

We also have solutions to reduce common skin problems after weight loss.

Some features of our program include:

With a combination of hCG therapy, high-quality products, and aesthetic work, you’ll be ready for summer in no time.

hCG therapy for weight loss

So, what exactly is hCG therapy?

hCG is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy. It supports and maintains the lining of the uterus so the embryo can develop safely.

With low-calorie diets, your body’s natural response is to slow down metabolic function to obtain energy. It does so by tapping into fat reserves and slimming your body. Unfortunately, this can lead to irritability, fatigue, and nervousness.

In order to make your low-calorie diet easier, we use liquid hCG injections. While the diet is what triggers rapid weight loss, hCG therapy makes it much easier to endure some of the side effects, like fatigue. The hCG injections also help to reduce your appetite so you don’t consume extra calories.

While hCG therapy for weight loss is not FDA-approved, we have found that it’s a safe treatment when paired with a low-calorie, healthy diet.

Also, hCG therapy can boost testosterone production in men, which may help build more muscle.

Herbal body wraps for skin appearance

There are a variety of body wraps available today. One growing in popularity, however, is the herbal body wrap. It’s no secret that losing weight can alter skin appearance, and herbal body wraps are a great way to combat those changes.

Herbal body wraps can:

Plus, they tone and tighten your skin, which can delay the need for plastic surgery.

The herbal applicators we use in our body wrap are the result of a two-year study by Dr. Juan Antonio Garza, one of the leading experts in homeopathic research.

Lipo B injections for energy

Lipotropic B injections, which consist of vitamin B12, boost your energy levels by helping to metabolize fat and by keeping red blood cells healthy. An expert in body contouring, Dr. Jack Hensel Jr. performs these injections weekly in the office.

Ready to get started? Contact Dr. Hensel and our team at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center to learn more about our services and procedures.

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